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I don’t know about you, but these days I can find myself wracking my brain for things to do as a family. It seems like the TV is such a “go-to” option and it drives me crazy!

So here is a list I compiled with 150 activity ideas for today’s family. This has you covered whether you’re stuck indoors, want to get the family outside, have a hankering to go somewhere, want to teach your kids about responsibility or outreach… and SO MUCH MORE.

I tried to keep it as old school as possible– with a focus on the things I did as a kid before technology became such a huge influence in our lives. But you’ll also find some more modern suggestions sprinkled throughout.

ENJOY and feel free to share more ideas in the comments! The picture at the top is perfect for PINNING if you want to save this to reference later!

150 Activity Ideas for Today's Family |

150 Activity Ideas for Today's Family |

150 Activity Ideas for Today's Family |


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