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Be still and know that I am God. | Psalm 46:1 wooden sign | Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse signs for purchase at

Isn’t it funny how the thing that should be easiest– doing nothing– can sometimes be the hardest?

Maybe it’s just me…. But I’m a doer. I’m most happy when things are completely worked out and settled. Unresolved “stuff” just doesn’t jive with me AT ALL.

If a relationship has tension, I’ve got to address it.

If there’s a big looming task on my plate, I want it completed. ASAP.

If decisions need to be made, I like them FINALIZED quickly.


It’s my default M.O. for staying peaceful.

It also totally and completely exposes my need to feel in control.


Now don’t get me wrong— these characteristics can be powerful and positive—- we need people who get things done and confront issues head on. I believe that these are actually God-given qualities. BUT they can be misused if the need to satisfy them outweighs our dependence on God OR when they are fueled by fear.

Choosing to trust God and be still isn’t a one-time decision. It’s an active part of our relationship—much like choosing to love and remain committed to our spouse. We may have stood at an altar and declared our commitment publicly, but anyone who’s been married more than one year knows that it’s a relationship that is maintained by daily choices—to stay, to love, to forgive, to compromise, to sacrifice.

I think one of the reasons we can struggle with trusting God is because we have this misconception that choosing Him is an isolated event instead of a moving, breathing, ebbing, and flowing relationship. Some days are harder than others. It’s like a muscle. When we exercise trust in Him, our ability to trust becomes stronger. Likewise when we let it go dormant, we can lose our strength altogether and have to start from the very beginning.

My spiritual mom, Terry, always says— “There are two things God kicked out of heaven: pride and independence. And He’s not lettin’ either one weasel its way back in!” So as painful as it can feel while we’re here, our Heavenly Father is working diligently to teach us that we need Him and that we have to depend on Him. It’s really such a paradox. It’s terrifying to put our trust in Him because it doesn’t feel safe, and yet the only way to really BE safe is to put our trust in Him.

Be still and know that I am God. | Psalm 46:1 wooden sign | Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse signs for purchase at FarmDecorSigns.comSo it turns out there’s a balance between doing our part and taking action, and being still and waiting. Even for us “doers.” It’s no revelation that God uses this world and the difficult circumstances that can come along with it to make us more like His Son and smooth out our rough edges.

For me— waiting is some of the hardest work of life. It requires trust, patience, and being OK with a little (or a ton of) discomfort.

So this special piece is a healthy and needed reminder to me. When I see it during a stressful moment, it helps me take a deep breath, refocus, and remember I don’t have to have all the answers. Sometimes all I need to do is be still.