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(Courtesy of my sign shop!)

Order him a customized family Lake House Sign! Or just shop our Sign Shop.

This obviously doesn’t make sense for every dad—but for families who Lake House—this is EVERYTHING. We gave one to my dad last year for Father’s day and he still talks about it.

Here are the details to order a Lake House Sign:

Or a Farm House sign—also cool:

Custom Lake House Sign | Custom Farmhouse Sign | Painted Reclaimed Wood Signs | Gift for Him | Fathers Day Gift Guide

OR if you’ve seen a sign on Etsy or Pinterest and you’d like something similar or customized for your dad, shoot me a note! We create custom signs for our customers ALL THE TIME! Just don’t wait—they take some time to turn around! 🙂 Contact me:


2.  A JORD Wood Watch

3.  Order him something from Chip’s Corner from Magnolia Market

Is your family as obsessed with Fixer Upper (or rather—Chip and Joanna Gaines) as we are?? Chip literally has an entire section of the shop for “HIS STUFF.” Get Dad a #demoday tshirt or even hammer, a crazy awesome tool belt,  or one of the other gifts and accessories guys love:


4.  Does your Dad LOVE to Grill? What about one of these fun accessories?


GrillPro 41552 Stainless Steel Grill Wing Rack:

Grillaholics Meat Claws:

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe eBook:

5.  For the Fisherman!

This “I’d Rather Be Fishing” gift box is a HOOT:

6.  For the Outdoorsman:

A Field & Stream Edition of “The Total Outdoorsman Manual”:

This will be such a crowd-pleaser for the outdoors-men in your life. They may have all the camping gear and expensive trail tools they need, but there’s always more to learn about wilderness skills. The only downside is they’ll be so absorbed in reading this book it will be hard to carry on a conversation with them!

7.  Virtual Reality Headset

This is what we’re getting my dad this year! (And no, he most certainly DOES NOT read my blog. LMBO!!!)

Gear VR Oculus:

8.  Is your Dad, Grandfather, or Uncle a TOTAL History buff?

So, little known fact about me. I AM A HISTORY BUFF. LOL! My BA is actually in American History— not that I use it much these days besides the research and writing skillz!

Anyway, for my fellow history lovers–  The Men Who Built America is now on DVD and this series is AWESOME. I highly recommend it! Order it here:



9.  And just for good measure— one more suggestion for the History Buffs!

This one is great for anyone interested in World War II stories, dramas, history, or mysteries. My whole family enjoys Foyles War. The best part? There are 7 seasons! (They call them sets.) Get the whole series here or search on Amazon for individual seasons:


10.  How much would your Dad love a 3D Printer?

This is kind of wild—- which is why I think so many men would LOVE it. Check this out:

 11.  Portable Folding Fire Pit

If your dad loves to be out in the yard and enjoy time with family and friends outdoors— this could be perfect! (If he doesn’t have one yet!)

12.  Subscription to dollar shave club

What about a monthly subscription for free razors? I don’t know about your man, but my husband is really particular about shaving. This is like a luxury to him! (Also, get your husband this and you’ve got a fair argument for a monthly Sephora subscription box! :))

Learn More: Dollar Shave Club

13.  Gift certificate for his dry cleaning

Sound weird? I did this for my husband a few years ago when our budget was tight and he was ironing all of his work shirts. (I’m HOPELESS with an iron. He wouldn’t dare let me near his work clothes!) I got him enough for two weeks of dry cleaning. They just laundered, ironed, and starched his shirts. It wasn’t crazy expensive, but it was the gift that kept on giving! He enjoyed the time off. 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t link to this one for you! Go visit a local dry cleaner for details!


14.  What about an EXPERIENCE? Make a memory!

Here in San Antonio, Texas, we have a number of fun and unusual venues that men love! A little google search could locate similar ideas where you live! Just to give you some inspiration, we have:

  • Top Golf– a high end driving range
  • Indoor Sky Diving
  • You could get him a round of golf at his favorite club
  • A Hunting or Shooting excursion
  • Have you hear of these new Panic Rooms popping up? It’s an experience where you and some friends get locked into a room for a predefined period of time and you have to use the staged props in the room to solve a mystery! Totally awesome!
  • Or the tried and true option—tickets to a Sporting Event

15.  Does Dad LOVE working out?

This stuff is super cool! It’s called Sweet Sweat… LOL!  I haven’t tried it—just heard about it— but thought I’d share in case in looked good to you. (It does have tons of great reviews on Amazon) Apparently it offers a long list of benefits to the user! I’ll let you peruse them on the graphic below.

Sweet Sweat Benefits Chart | Father's Day Gift Guide | Gift for Him



Here’s where to order and learn more:


BONUS— FREE Printables for FATHER’S DAY!

If you or your kiddos want to get your DIY on for Dad, you’re welcome to tap into my free printables. There are over 20 designs in my download—and these are the 3 I’ve released just for Fathers Day. Simple. Easy. Cost-effective. 🙂

Request the printable downloads here: