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Dakini pants

Girl, let me tell you about the MAGIC that is these buttery natural cotton harem pants.

I have purchased these luxe cotton pants again and again for myself and as gifts. (Gift giving tip! Every year I make a note of my favorite purchases and order a few extras to give as gifts! I know if I love something, my friends and family will too!) They are so comfy and breathable and the color choices are nuts! I love supporting this Etsy shop and their values around sustainability and natural cotton clothing. I have several other pieces they make too, and none of them disappoint. I encourage you to support small by shopping from these dears (CottonFlowerClothing on Etsy) and TREAT YOURSELF! 🙂  You won’t regret it one bit.


My favorite pens

I found these on Amazon a few years ago and I’m obsessed with them. They feel expensive and write with a smooth black ink. You can buy refills if you like– but the pens are so reasonable, you could just replace them, too. (Gift giving tip: When I’m not sure what to give someone, I’ll often gift a sweet journal like the one below and one of these pens. There are several colors of this journal so you can personalize. This one is great because the accent color matches the pen. It feels like a thoughtful, high-quality gift every time and the recipient is always delighted.)

Quick to get– and matches the pens– journal:



Laughing Man Coffee – Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Company

This is my FAVORITE coffee to brew at home and it’s such a win-win. The coffee is *Fairly Traded, Organically Sourced, and SUPER affordable on Amazon. They also offer it in whole bean or keurig. And there’s tea, too!

Learn more about the company:

*I learned about the CRUCIAL importance of Fair Trade Coffee when I read Think & Eat Yourself Smart by Dr Caroline Leaf a few years ago. The mainstream coffee industry is DIRECTLY connected to sex-trafficking and human slavery, and the only way to make sure you aren’t supporting either with your purchases is to ONLY buy coffee (or chocloate!) that is certified as Fair Trade.


Aluminum Free Deodorant

A number of years ago I learned about how unhealthy it is for our bodies to have our underarm pores constantly clogged with aluminum– which is the primary substance in an anti-perspirant. When I’m just staying home and don’t need to make sure I’ll stay dry and sweet-smelling in my arm pits, I’ll opt for a deoderant instead. Some brands actuallly irritate my skin, but this one has been a winner. And I loveee the vanilla + coconut scent!



My all-time FAVORITE dog bed. I feel like a really excellent dog bed is an elusive thing. LOL. They either cost a fortune, are hard to wash, or fall apart super fast. Last year I discovered these and will never go back. LOL! We have 4 dogs and 3 cats– so we KNOW our animal gear! We have two of these in the XL size for our labs. They’ve held up super well, are very easy to wash (cover zips off), and they are very reasonably priced for the size and quality. You’re welcome! I know you’ll be as delighted as we’ve been. This is such a solid find.

Excellent harness! Had to recommend this one, too! We use a little one for our headstrong Morkie and it’s super secure with velcrow and a clip. Our little man has a habit of trying to pull a Houdini out of his harness or collar.

Andddd– I’ve been super delighted with this brand of collar. I’m kinda picky about collars– I want them to be high quality, comfortable for the pup, and cute. (Why are these so hard to find at stores???!) This is a winner if you feel my pain. They have a bunch of styles.


I can be a bit of a diva about my fitness clothing— I’ll be honest. But as someone who exercises 6+ days each week, I spend a lot of time in workout gear and I like to be comfortable. Over the past year, I’ve fallen in love with Fabletics (Kate Hudson’s brand) and they are my go-to for workout pants especially. Most of their styles have a phone pocket– which is a MUST for me– and they wear well, look great, and feel comfortable to move in.

You can just order their products outright from the website, or if you want a better deal, you can join the membership (which I did from day one and I have loved it). You basically pay an automatic monthly fee and it goes towards your purchases– but it opens the door up to much better pricing and it allows you to spread out your investment in workout clothes by spending a smaller amount each month which is just applied to the purchase when you’re ready to get a few new items.

Shop here:


Beauty Routine

Drunk Elephant is my favorite skin care line! They use super effective incredients without a bunch of toxins– making them one of the most effective and CLEAN skin care lines on the market. I order mine from Sephora and I currently use the Beste #9 Jelly Cleanser, B-Hydra Instensive Hydration Serum, C-Firma Vitamin C Day, T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum, and the Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer.

Brand story:


I have dry skin, so along with my Drunk Elephant regimen, I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is an oil (Drunk Elephant has one too, but this is just as good and more cost effective). It helps smooth and moisturize my skin like no other.

And this—- this beauty is my little treat to myself! It’s a beauty elixir that can be spritzed on your face any time you want to refresh your skin or enjoy a moment of luxury. I ALWAYS keep it on hand. It’s called the Caudalie Eau de Beaute Beauty Elixir. I recommend getting it from Sephora. When I’ve ordered from Amazon in a pinch, it’s always smelled off (aka old).




I’ve purchased all of my nutritional supplements from USANA Health Sciences for over 10 years and they have been an excellent investment. I’ve personally seen improvements in:

1)  My body’s response to seasonal allergies. (SO MUCH BETTER!)

2) Very infrequent illness—my immune system is kept strong.

3) And reduced inflammation in my body.

4) I also took the Prenatals while pregnant with my daughter and she was very healthy. The doctor commented on the excellent health of my placenta.


Daily, I personally take the Cellsentials (multivitamin—1 bottle is antioxidants and the other is minerals), Biomega (fish oil), Proflavanol (grape seed extract and vitamin C to reduce inflammation), Visionex (eye health).

My daughter who is 6 takes the Usanimals daily and the Biomega Jr. twice per week.

Seasonally I also use the Booster C 600 for extra vitamin C. And I’ll use the digestive enzymes after a rich meal to aid comfortable digestion.

*This is my Aunt’s website. (Roberta “aka Robbie” Board) I love supporting her home-based business.

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