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Chris and Lizzie

A Journey, Not A Destination…


The pursuit of a peaceful home means anything but striving for perfection. The concept in its raw truth is more than a clean house, a flawless marriage, well groomed and behaved children, and a non-processed, homemade meal on the table every night. It’s not about getting everything right, never making mistakes (or completely, totally, epically failing), or about reaching a final destination. It’s a daily (sometimes millisecond by millisecond) journey. It’s a perspective that puts the focus firstly on what is most important and then sprinkles in some fun (and luxuries!). Isn’t that just how God works? Sometimes He lets us make a royal mess of things before that sweet whisper dances over our shoulder asking, “Are you ready for my help, yet?” And oh, the beauty of surrender. That feeling of new freedom and overwhelming joy when we give Him that corner of our hearts we’ve been withholding and He pours in like a flood to make everything OK again.