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To my Husband, my Valentine, on Valentine’s Day:

Hi Hubby! Gosh it feels so nice to think about and talk about “us” today. It seems like parenthood and work and our home take up most of our focus as we navigate this busy life and try to keep all of the plates spinning. Becoming parents together has been the solitary most magical thing in my entire life, but I do miss you and I do miss us. At the foundation of it all— it’s you and me—and our covenant before God.


I don’t tell you often enough how proud and blessed I am to be your wife. You are such a warrior out in the world for us. Even though I don’t say it every day, I always notice how hard you work and how consistently you sacrifice for our family. I couldn’t do what you do— I’m in awe of how courageous you are. The drive you have to take care of us makes me feel so safe; safe in our home, safe to be the mommy I’ve always dreamed of being, and safe to take risks and explore the ambitions in my own heart. Thank you, my love. I’ll never have the exact words to tell you the gift you give me each day with your commitment to providing for our family.

I also want to tell you today that I love you and I like you. There’s a big difference! “I love you” reflects a choice and a commitment—and sometimes a responsibility. “I like you” means I want to be here. Hubby, I really want to be here. Yes I passionately love you, but you also have my admiration and I thoroughly enjoy doing life with you. There isn’t a dream in my heart that doesn’t have you in it. I like you because are so kind and gentle— with me and with our baby. It’s so precious to see the heart of God pour out of you towards us. I’ve never seen a man be so tender and it’s one of the things that makes you most masculine. I think it reveals your steady confidence in who you are and your position in our family and in the Kingdom of God.


We’ve faced a lot of hard times, many of them self-inflicted, but I still choose you. Our love is tested and proven—and even though we’ve sustained many gashes and bruises, I am proud of the battle scars. I think at the end of the day, enduring and committed love is better than any fairytale. It’s real. And it’s hard-earned. I think we always value more highly what we had to fight for. We have one heck of a story!

When I look at you, I see a brave, hard-working, brilliant, talented, kind-hearted, loving, (I’ll add funny to the list– just for you!) man who will undoubtedly do every single thing God put him on this earth to do. And hubby, in case you haven’t noticed yet, those plans are gargantuan. You are amazing and I can’t wait to witness everything you give to this world.

So my love, my husband, I will keep fighting for you… for us. You are so completely worth it. <3


All my love,

Your Darling, Lizzie

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