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SESSION 1: “The Significance of Obedience”

We’re kicking off this series by talking about why obedience is so important to God and all the power and authority that opens up to a believer who walks in obedience.


SESSION 2: “The Fundamental War”

Where did the whole problem start? Why do we struggle so much to obey God sometimes? Find out in this session where we’ll chat about the Fall of Man and the fundamental war fought by every believer in Christ.

SESSION 3: “The Cost of Disobedience”

Obeying God may be hard sometimes, but disobedience is often much harder. Let’s talk through what the bible says about rebellion and what the consequences are when we go our way instead of God’s way. To gain a frame of reference, we’ll look at two men in the bible who disobeyed and examine how it affected their lives.


SESSION 4: “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

What’s the relationship between Love and Obedience? Today we’re talking about the blessing that comes when we choose to obey God out of a mutual love relationship with Him instead of just to avoid punishment or trying to follow a list of rules. All of a sudden, obeying can become so much easier– and in fact– a pleasure, when we start with our hearts right and clean before our Heavenly Father.


SESSION 5: “Intentional Obedience”

The definition of intentional is “done on purpose; deliberate.”

It takes deliberate action and movement to be a disciple. We walk out and walk through where God is leading. And it may feel as though we’re in the trenches of life but it’s really the best place to be.


SESSION 6: “How to Surrender and Obey God”

Let’s talk about the HOW! We really only need two main elements; trust in the Lord and fear of the Lord. If you have those two components, surrendering will come naturally. The desire to do so will be there.


SESSION 7: “The Beauty of Submission”

This is our last session! Today we’re talking about the beauty of submitting and obeying God. In a world where we’ve grown to expect everything our way, it seems like a contradiction to submit to God’s way. But the great paradox is the tremendous blessing, freedom, and power we find when we choose submission.


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