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First of all– as a general parenting book– this is OUR FAVORITE! And Danny Silk actually uses the Love and Logic approach that we’ve linked below. Start here— and if you need more specific resources– you’ll LOVE the age-specific books and CDs below!

Sometimes a book just won’t cut it. Trust me. I know. And during those times, I hire Brittney Serpell to coach me on the healthiest ways to bring peace back to my household and my relationship with my daughter and step-daughters. Brittney is Danny Silk’s daughter– so I feel like I’m getting some of the BEST coaching out there. Now you can hire my coach, too. (Psst– these guys are also KILLER for marriage or healthy relationships in general.)


More Parenting Programs + Resources I LOVE:

(and recommend to my friends)

Our family is completely in love with the LOVE & LOGIC Parenting approach. It emphasizes personal responsibility and natural consequences for our kiddos with a loving, gentle tone. As a Christian family, we believe this lines up the best with our faith and our desire to parent through love over fear. AND the results speak for themselves. Our home went from a stressful battle zone to a place of fun, laughter, and order. We’ve tried many different parenting programs and this one has worked the BEST for us and everyone we recommended it to. After our marriage testimony, this is the topic I get asked about the MOST. Everyone wants to know why my daughter and I are so connected, our home is peaceful, and we don’t have a constant tug of war over homework, chores, and behavior. Literally Love & Love and Danny Silk’s courses above are the reason why. These principles are amazing and loving AND they work.

This is also great for grandparents, teachers, babysitters, or anyone who leads or cares for children. Here is the primary book– a great starting point for all ages:



AGES 7-12





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