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A Powerful Prayer for Wives to Pray Over Their Husbands | pray | prayer for husband | covenant partner | marriage prayer | spiritual warfare for husband | Godly wife | praying wife | praying woman | pray for husband's success | pray for father

Calling all wives and future wives!  We are in a powerful position to pray for our husbands. Let’s lift them up today before the King of kings and Lord of lords as only we can as their Covenant Partners in marriage. Join me in this powerful prayer for wives to pray over their husbands daily:


Lord Jesus, today I lift my husband up to you. I pray blessing, anointing, and power over him, in Jesus’ mighty name. Lord I ask that you would place a hedge of protection around him. Guide him in all of his ways, speak to him and through him. Help him in his work and as the leader of our home. Lord please give him wisdom he can only receive from you. Help him to recognize it and receive it. I speak favor over him with You and with people. I pray divine inspiration and success over him.

Lord draw him closer and closer to you. Give him a hunger for Your Word and a thirst for prayer. I pray that he would daily seek your face, hear your voice, and work out his own salvation in fear and trembling.

I pray healing over his body and his soul. I break every word curse spoken out against him, in Jesus’ name! May all idle words and curses fall to the ground and their seeds will not bear fruit. I plead the blood of Jesus over my husband, the work of his hands, the perfect will of God for his life, our marriage, and our family. Give him the grace to put you first and obey in all things. Lord, only you know his greatest temptations and the secret petitions of his heart—please meet him at his place of greatest need and lead him in the way everlasting.

I pray that you would draw other men to him that he can relate to and receive from—who love You above anything else in their lives. Allow them to be knitted together as David was to Jonathan. Bring him righteous men of God to study your Word with, pray with, and hold one another accountable.

I ask, Lord, for your grace over my husband to parent our children. Reveal to him Your Father’s heart and show him what our children need from him. Give him the strength and wisdom to represent you well before our children and groom them for a passionate relationship with You and great success in their callings.

Lord, help me to be a respectful and honoring wife to my husband. Reveal to me the special ways that I alone can minister to him. Show me anywhere that I may offend him and not realize it. Give me the grace to help him and love him exactly as you would have me do so. Expose and heal anything in me that is displeasing to you and hindering to my marriage. I humble myself before you and lay myself down– mind, will, and emotions– so I can become more of you, in Jesus’ name.

Satan I command you to retreat from my husband in Jesus’ name. He belongs to the Most High God along with the rest of our household and you hold no claim over us. I take authority over you right now and render you harmless in our lives.

Host of Heaven, I command you to forth now and pull down any strongholds that are hindering my husband or our family. Bring in from the North, South, East, and West everything he needs to fulfill the will of God and provide for our family. Protect him in all of his ways, expose and destroy the plots and plans of the enemy, and make his crooked places straight, in Jesus name. 

Father God I thank you for my husband, my covenant partner. Thank you for the holy work that marriage can do in us. Thank you for the blessing of such an intimate earthly relationship. Thank you for the authority you give us to pray for one another. I commit my husband, marriage, family, and self to you, in Jesus’ name. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.


Is there anything else you add to the prayers your pray over your husband?? I would love to hear your thoughts and insights! Please share them in the comments! I can’t wait to hear from you!