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Christian Counseling:


Restoring Relationships is the ministry that we recommend to help you find freedom of heart and soul. It’s completely online and you can go through the e-course at your own pace and even work with one of their professional counselors if you want extra support. If you have spiritual struggles, unforgiveness, past hurts that continue to haunt you, strained relationships, marriage challenges, depression— or if you disciple others with any of these– we encourage you to take a serious look at this program. It was created by Dominic Herbst, a Christian Psychologist who operates a practice in Lewisburg, PA. This program and their counselors are available in any location. OUR RESTORING RELATIONSHIPS STORY:


Learn More on the Restoring Relationships website!

Christian Coaching:

The Loving on Purpose ministry came out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA and was founded by author, counselor, and social worker, Danny Silk. He is best known for his books Keep Your Love On, Culture of Honor, Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Powerful and Free (about women in the church), and more recently, Unpunishable. Now you can receive live coaching from his daughter, Brittney Serpell (who is my personal coach), and her husband Ben Serpell (a kind and powerful choice for men).

You can schedule a free discovery call with them here or book your first full session:









To explore their courses and other resources, visit the Loving on Purpose shop here. (Tell ’em Lizzie Smiley sent you!)

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