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Our Restoring Relationships Story

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In 2010 our marriage hit some really rocky soil… we’re talking treacherous, broken-hearted, shattered dreams, on our faces crying out to God kind of soil. I really didn’t think we were going to make it and frankly I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.

It was my faith in Jesus, the promises from God in the bible, and stories from courageous couples who beat the odds before us that made me try in that desperate season. It was the hope that I could still have the marriage of my dreams and honor God with it that helped me breathe during those dark days. And it was the precious gift from heaven that is the Restoring Relationships ministry that facilitated God’s healing and restoration for our marriage.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the only way to heal any relationship is to work on myself. I can’t control what anyone else does. Including (especially) my husband. It’s when you commit your spouse and your marriage to the Lord, fall broken into His lap, and say “I give them to you, now deal with me…”

That’s when miracles can happen.

It was extremely hard work. It was fighting the good fight of faith. It was dying to self. And it ultimately set me free and then healed my most precious earthly relationship.

Of course, I still can’t control what anyone else does, and we’re not perfect. But my own new-found wholeness gives me a healthy response to what someone else might do. Because I did the hard work, God gave me grace for others. He gave me His love for my husband.

All these years later, we are not only reconciled, we are the healthiest and happiest marriage we know. There is no other couple that I want to emulate more than ourselves. And now we are crazy passionate about telling as many couples as possible how to find greater intimacy with each other and God and heal from all of their hurts. Marriages that seem completely dead can be resurrected. Just like on your wedding day, divorce doesn’t have to be an option. 

I can’t tell you how much I want this for you, too.

Listen, it doesn’t matter what happened, who did what to whom, whether or not both parties want to fix it— God is in the RESTORATION business. There’s hope for you. If you’re the only one fighting— seek God with everything you’ve got and pursue healing immediately and fervently.

I don’t know about you– but I’d rather go down fighting for God and His Word and the covenant He established than to throw in towel because the other person might walk away. And, if you’re both on board– heal together. It will be breath-taking. 

I’m going to tell you right now that I don’t believe I would still be married today without Christian Psychologist Dominic Herbst and his Restoring Relationships Ministry. God used the Online Journey to help us heal, learn more about each other than ever before, and also help TONS of other couples since then. I am adamant. There are many ministries out there and God can heal people and relationships in so many ways– but I recommend the Restoring Relationships Online Journey DAILY and I believe it changes lives and marriages forever.

I urge you, even if your marriage isn’t in a bad place, even if your life is great right now— check this out and be someone who builds their house on the rock. You won’t regret it. And your relationship with God and your spouse will be more amazing than ever.

Precious Blessings as you embark on a most powerful and eye opening journey of the heart.

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me a note at to let me know you’re getting started! I’d love to be praying for you.

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 What is Restoring Relationships?

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