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Staying Grateful When Caring for A Newborn is Hard | New mommy | First time mom | Sleep Deprived Momma | Christian Parenting | Fussy Newborn | God Centered Family

Lorelai and Mommy Living RoomThese days I’m learning how much parenthood (and lack of sleep) can teach you about yourself. My sweet baby girl has had a bout of colic and I finally understand (a sliver of) the desperation that comes with motherhood… How you give your heart away to the child that came from inside of you and to see them hurting is worse than any degree of hurting yourself. There are such peaks and valleys of emotion— with the rush of endorphins when she looks right into my eyes or falls asleep at my breast, and the helplessness of hours of inconsolable tears. I can only imagine that most of you can relate to exactly what I’m describing. I know it’s just a season and I remind myself to take a deep breath and soldier on. Has anyone else noticed that there’s a rawness to both death and new life that ushers in the heavy presence of God? I am beyond grateful for it.

While sometimes I need to cry, or ask my husband for help, or regroup my emotions– I wouldn’t dare complain about even the worst days of this life. And I think there’s a lesson in this for all of us regardless of the season we’re in. I saw this photo on Facebook recently and I thought it drove the point home…

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During those moments when motherhood feels impossible and I’m not sure how I’ll keep going— I think about one of my dearest friends who kissed her little prince for the first and last time the day he was stillborn. I think of my co-worker who buried her son at 3 months when he passed away from SIDS and then counted every day, holding her breath and choking back tears, from conception through the four month birthday of her second child. My thoughts are with my neighbor whose little girl has bravely battled cancer for three years. And I think of the COUNTLESS women who have struggled with infertility and would give anything to be endlessly consoling a crying baby with no chance to sleep… Somehow my temporary discomfort fades to speechless beauty.

PH Joy comes in the morningIt’s amazing what a little perspective will do to make a seemingly impossible moment feel like the most precious moment of your life.

Let’s keep an eternal perspective and remember that God is still on His throne and that while our world is a tragic one– and no doubt we face tribulation– we can always find something to be thankful for. Let’s be powerful people that put others first and consider their pain. And let’s acknowledge and receive healing for our wounds, and then bravely step forward. “Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning…” Psalm 30:5

Sending all my love, prayers, and compassion for the season you’re in! Thanks for sending them back! 🙂


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